J L Higgs

Writers Against Prejudice:- Number 61

Writers Against Prejudice

Something About Her

Paul was running.  His goal within reach, he picked up his pace, as usual, dodging any obstacles in his path.  Nothing could prevent him from getting there and seeing his shadow racing alongside him, he put on a burst of speed as if determined to even outrun it.

Before going to bed the prior night, he’d calculated the amount of time it would take for him to arrive at the meeting 10 minutes early.  Then he’d set two alarms.  He’d awakened before the first alarm had sounded, thrown on his running clothes, and

dashed out of his apartment before the second alarm had even buzzed.  The predawn streets had been empty, except for him and a bulky street sweeper machine, veering in and out of the parked cars, clearing dirt and debris from the city’s gutter.

Paul looked up to the ceiling at the exact moment the…

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