Keith Parker

Writers Against Prejudice:- Number 60

Writers Against Prejudice

Opinions made without knowledge, thought, or reason.  (Dictionary definition of prejudice.)

Where does the infection start, In the home?
The `Bogey Man` the `Wicked Witch`, fear  
old men and  women who live alone?
The playground where your first prey is
singled out, the red head,  the freckled faced,
the one with specs, fatty, the one with
shabby clothes? Later  the children of
another street on a rundown estate,
or another school where money, religion,
selects the roll? Another village or town with
a different football team and people who eat
different food, worship different gods,
perhaps they love each other in different ways,
but we are always on the lookout for them.
So the sickness spreads and hacks the language,
becomes airborne in the snide aside, the dirty joke,
well where’s the harm? The pub mutter,
the football chant, gang lingo, mob talk,

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