Irving A Greenfield

Writers Against Prejudice:- Number 57

Writers Against Prejudice

A Jew At The Table

Irving A Greenfield

I am a Jew. That’s because I was born one. I had absolutely no say in the matter. The truth is that every human being hasn’t any choice as to whom his or her parents will be. It is decided for him or her at the moment of conception by the individuals in the act of copulation. Of course he or she could be born into one faith but raised in another, or if it suits their “spiritual or social needs” convert to another faith. But conversion, to my way of thinking, no matter how ardent doesn’t alter religious group into which he or she was born one wit. It is a patina that always needs reaffirmation.

I am neither proud nor disdainful that I am what I am with regard to my ethnicity. A word I use to substitute for religion…

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