Wilderness Sarchild

Writers Against Prejudice:- Number 54

Writers Against Prejudice

Stereotyping Is A Psychological Disorder

My friend is fat,
even fatter than that.
People stare,
it’s not fair.
She was starved and bullied
and raped on a dare.
You think she just eats
more than her share.
People, we all breathe the same air!
So how about let’s try to care???

My daughter’s friend is super thin,
determined to be
as thin as a pin.
Isn’t that how she’ll win?
She’ll look like Barbie’s twin?
What makes girls think
again and again
that carrying our weight
is a sin, is a sin?
My head is starting to spin
cause I know this is no-win,
no way to begin,
to teach girls to starve
and then if they binge,
to purge it all up
and start over again.

Some skin is brown and some is black,
some more red, and that’s a fact.
So why was there only one called flesh…

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