Dave Rendle

Poem number 60: the Writers for Calais Refugees blog.

Writers for Calais Refugees

I am

I am everyman, I am every woman, 
every current, every breeze, 
I am in exile, looking for home, 
I am universal, a citizen of the world, 
I am no trespasser, I come in peace, 
I am the colour of rainbows, 
I drift among a mass of people, 
seeking refuge, carried on storms, 
I am a witness of a world of poverty and war, 
I was born into revolution, turmoil and strife, 
in rubble to the sound of bullets and explosions, 
my neighbours are dead, my friends are lost, 
my homes have been  plundered, my wells emptied, 
I have escaped persecution and oppression, 
I am in search of freedom and hope, 
but I am refused, and given no welcome, 
I am vilified and abused, told to shut my mouth 
I ride waves…

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